Growing up, I was always that weak scrawny kid on the playground and really didn’t have much pride in myself. In Junior High I discovered swimming and became fairly competitive within the sport. Once I got into high school, I started club swimming. As my speed developed, so did my SELF-CONFIDENCE and I walked around with my head held high. Being an athlete during high school and college was an amazing experience; I had scheduled workouts, a support system and felt great about my fitness! Once I graduated from college, everything changed… I no longer had that structure to life, I simply went to work and came home; no fitness aspect at all. I didn’t gain much weight (luckily), but I was really OUT OF SHAPE and not pleased with my fitness level. I remember going camping with some friends and attempting a pushup over a small stream; as I held myself up (for just a few seconds) my arms were shaking! This was an eye opener and at that point I knew I had to do something to change. Since that trip, I have completed Insanity Asylum, Les Mills Combat and working on Body Beast! I am so excited with the way I feel now compared to 2 years ago! Now have a schedule to follow, a person showing me what to do every day, nutritional guidelines that point me in the right direction and a support system that keeps me going; everything I was lacking in the past. Is it difficult to wake up each morning to work out? YES! It is not the act of doing the routine, but the great feeling I get each day. This journey is long, but feeling this good makes each day worth it. I am positive that the end result will be nothing short of amazing and I love helping others do the same.

Front Before and After 1



Chest Pics 2