In May 2012, just after my shoulder surgery which had been preceded by a different surgery in Jan., I was completely disheartened and beside myself because I was unhappy with my body which had a huge impact on my confidence and self worth. Since my clothes were no longer fitting, I went out and purchased the “fat pants” you see in this photo. I could not believe that I had to purchase a size 12. A week later I made the decision to make an investment in me and purchased the Ultimate Reset. After loosing 11lbs in 21 day and attending The Beachbody Summit in June, I became inspired and determined to get healthy and help others do the same.

Today I am in a size 6 long that still has wiggle room!!! I am so blessed and excited about what Beachbody has done for me! I am grateful for the team members who encouraged me and believed on me when I didn’t believe in myself!