As many of you know, this past week I had the privilege of sharing to over 200 people in Chicago my journey with Beachbody. I shared that when I was first introduced to Team Beachbody about 2 years ago I thought it was crazy and I had no interest in being a Coach. My actual first reaction to becoming a Team Beachbody Coach was “This is CRAZY, I am NOT doing any home shows and I DON’T like to workout”! I rejected this opportunity because to be honest, I had it all pegged wrong! I had these misconceived ideas of what it was and wasn’t. Anybody else every have those?I am so thankful God kept putting people in my life that kept bringing this opportunity back to me because being a Team Beachbody Coach is COMPLETELY about putting OTHERS FIRST! It’s about serving and helping others become the best they can be physically and financially. I LOVE helping people! All I want to do is help people any way I can.Fast forward to January 2013 and my life has changed completely! This past year I have been blessed so much! The people I work with are getting healthy and fit and making lifestyle changes, including me! Yes, ME! I actually do like to workout and I have never felt better! Our income has increased significantly which has allowed me to stay home with our 3 kids and provide for our family in ways that would not be possible otherwise.

When you are a part of a Company that’s Core Purpose is to “Help others achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life” the rest will follow!