Before I started on this journey to fitness, I felt trapped in my own obesity. I was so tired and sluggish and lazy. I ate horribly—pizza at least once (usually twice) a week, fast food fries, wine and beer… you name it. I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I lacked confidence, and was so embarrassed at the way I looked.

But P90X® changed EVERYTHING! I chose P90X because I thought it had a good balance between the cardio I needed to melt fat and the strength training I needed to build the lean muscle that would help me burn more calories. Plus, I now I could work out at home, instead of wasting 15 minutes each way to drive to my gym.

After I finished P90X, I bought TurboFire® because I wanted even more cardio to burn off the fat I still had.
And I couldn’t be more happy.

Aside from the 65 lbs. and 40 inches that I’ve lost, I’m so much stronger than I ever dreamed I’d be. Before P90X, I couldn’t do a single “regulation” push-up. Now I can easily bang out 20—on my toes!!! I can jump higher and run faster. I can do all 349 ab moves in Ab Ripper X. And before TurboFire, I was the most uncoordinated person in the world. Now, I can do all the moves!

I have more energy. I feel amazing. And now I have enough confidence (and pride) to start helping others to go down the same path I did.

And take it from me, that’s the most amazing feeling in the world. Thanks Tony and Chalene—you pushed me to go farther than I ever imagined I could!