Alright here’s my round 2 results! I feel fantastic, and feel completely renewed and motivated. It may not be über dramatic, but 4 weeks ago I would not post a pic like this with confidence.Please keep in mind I had different goals than my first round or what is normal for the UR, and had some modifications because I teach two to three 1 hour fitness classes a week (!!! I do not recommend this if you are Reseting for full effect !!!). My main goal with another round of the Ultimate Reset was to eliminate food allergens that were triggering eosinophilic esophagitis. The Elimination Diet I read about sounded awful, and I knew the UR would achieve the same goal, had delicious recipes, and I had done it before.

With a few tests/situations during the 3 weeks I definitely feel one of my allergies is wheat or gluten. Celiacs Disease runs on both sides of my family so gluten would not surprise me. The irony here is the Brinkman family shield has wheat on it :PFrom my first round I can say I would have had even more dramatic results if I did not workout (resting the adrenal glands) or eat the men’s additional serving of grains that kept my energy borderline acceptable. I still struggled in class on some days, especially with a foggy mind.

Nonetheless, I want to remind you that once you do the Ultimate Reset, you can use it in different situations in your life. I am so motivated because for so long I did not feel in control of my body, with so many symptoms and none of my doctors put them all together to try a food allergy until my recent diagnosis. And the UR proved that, and now I am excited to see the changes I’ve been working hard for and scary things like high blood pressure and chronic choking/food impaction gone. It truly is an amazing program.

If you have high blood pressure, your results are plateaued or you struggle with healthy eating habits, I invite you to join my Ultimate Reset Challenge — I promise you will be proud of what you can accomplish in 3 weeks!