Jason Mullins


Being overweight most of my life it was very hard to understand how far i had let my self go! when i started to realize that i was not in good shape i did what most people do run to the gym and sign up for a membership. haveing no idea what to work on or what to do i quickly realized two things first that i needed help and guidance second that i was really in poor shape! after doing some research and talking to others i came across p90x and beachbody. looking through the program it just seemed like it was the right direction. p90x and beachbody offered support nutrtion and the workout program. i then decided that i was going to give it a shot what did i have to loose! when i started the p90x program i dove in head first. and it was HARD i really realized that i needed this program to get me to my GOALS! working through p90x i modified and modified and modified till i was able to get through the entire disc. starting to see weight loss and changes in my body as well as improved strength and stamina I began to understand what i was missing for years. all the guidance and nutrtion support and even having goals. starting p90x i weighed in at 285 lbsby the end i had lost 35 lbs! it felt great and i knew then that i was on to something important in my life. I then took a lil break from it and started to see the weight going back on.  I knew that i needed to get going again i worked to hard to let my self go back. shortly after this p90x2 released. i ordered it and when i received it the in the box that said Decide~Commit~suceed that was my new goal! i cut those 3 words out and stuck it to my fridge! I read through the nutrion guide atleast 4 times till i knew exactly what i could and couldnt eat. i then began the program struggling but working as hard as i could never loseing focus on the decide commit suceed. taking on every challenge tony horton had! i started x2 at 270lbs and with the commitment to the program i was seeing amazing result! neering the end of x2 i wanted more i needed more i jumped on to insanity and actually overlaped the end x2 and the begining of insanity for 3 weeks! i was seeing the results that i always wanted i ended insanity at 193lbs what a journey! I then moved on to Body Beast, this looked like it was made for me! with no hesitation i tore into this program like a train! the muscle gains were like icing on the cake for me! haha! no cake eating though!  with beast ive been sheding body fat and adding muscle current weight is 199 im on my third round of beast! and loving it!

this was all made possible by hard work awesome coaching support groups and the great people involved. the positive motivation from team victory will keep you going no matter what challenges you face!