I’m not sure if I ever shared my story with you. Everyone has a journey in life and mine happens to be with fitness. I have had a lot if people tell me that I have always been in great shape and my reply is always that I “hid” it well. Truth is I was heavy and ashamed of where I was headed. I had gained 85 pounds with my first pregnancy going from 115 to 200 pounds, second pregnancy I started at 125 and went again to 200 pounds, then there was the third pregnancy I went from 135 to only 175. So as you may have already noticed I held onto 10 pounds from each pregnancy however after my third I was only able to lose 10 and my final weight was 165 pounds, actually I think it was about 167 but who’s counting! I started ripping up photos of myself after the last baby because I was mortified. I finally said enough is enough. I tried bootcamps, circuit training, gym, and even played soccer but nothing was working. My mother-in-law bought my husband P90X so we decided to give it a whirl. I never measured my weight after the 90 days but my photos speak louder than words, my weight today about 130. This was only the beginning of my journey. To be honest I ONLY have a love for fitness because of the way it makes me feel! I don’t really LIKE doing it but the end results are way more important to me, better health, more energy, LOVE for life! Just proof that you don’t have to LIKE something to LOVE it! Now I am a coach and I motivate people to workout, eat right, stay focused, and get results. The reason I chose to become a COACH, now that’s another story!