Robert Barry- I went from being known as “Fat Rob” to “Fit Rob”

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Age, Age 30-40, Before and After, Fitness Program, Gender, Health, Male, P90X, P90X2, Physical, Shakeology, Ultimate Reset | 2 comments

I have always been interested in health & fitness and have studied Shotokan Karate for over two decades. At the peak of my martial arts career I trained 5 days per week, weighed about 140 lbs, and had lots of energy. After completing an undergraduate degree in engineering I decided to continue my research and pursue graduate studies in engineering. Grad studies was challenging and necessitated working long hours and pulling occasional...

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Angie Smith- “BeachBody is Not Only Transforming My Life, But My Family’s as Well!”

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Age, Age 40-50, Before and After, Female, Gender, P90X, Physical, Shakeology | 0 comments

Prior to Beachbody, I was a mother of 3 that was frustrated with the condition my body was in after having kids. I was over 200 lbs at my biggest. Since Beachbody, I’m down to around 125 lbs and in a lot better shape. I’m now a mother of 4 and love working out. We eat healthier as a family now and our kids love shakeology. Plugging in to Beachbody has been great for transforming my health as well as our...

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Lara Curry- “Before P90X I Couldn’t Do a Single Push-Up, Now I Can Easily Bang out 20- on My Toes!!”

Posted on May 15, 2013 in Age, Age 20-30, Before and After, Female, Gender, Health, P90X, Physical, Shakeology, Transformation, TurboFire | 5 comments

Before I started on this journey to fitness, I felt trapped in my own obesity. I was so tired and sluggish and lazy. I ate horribly—pizza at least once (usually twice) a week, fast food fries, wine and beer… you name it. I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I lacked confidence, and was so embarrassed at the way I looked. But P90X® changed EVERYTHING! I chose P90X because I thought it had a good balance...

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Judd Welte- I Got Ripped with the Beast!

Posted on May 14, 2013 in Age, Age 30-40, Before and After, Body Beast, Gender, Male, Physical, Shakeology | 0 comments

Here is my Body Beast Transformation PART 1. This is day 1 all the way through day 270. 9 straight months of Body Beast. I wanted to follow the program and really see if I could gain muscle and size and did not want to stop at 170lbs at 90 days. Now I am entered in the Body Beast Classic June 18th in Las Vegas. Follow my journey and join my team of support and motivation to get great results. I have always been a hard gainer and this program...

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Ashley Elizabeth- Insanity Gave Me My Sexy Back!

Posted on May 14, 2013 in Age, Age 20-30, Before and After, Female, Fitness Program, Gender, Insanity, Physical, Shakeology | 0 comments

Hey I am Ashley! I am 22 years old and I am a stay at home mommy to my beautiful one year old daughter, Khloe. I began my weight loss and fitness journey after my pregnancy, I gained about 50 pounds during my pregnancy, when you are only suppose to gain 35, WOW!! Once I had Khloe, though, I was so grateful and blessed to have her, I was not so grateful with the extra weight I had put on. I felt horrible. I tried to avoid pictures at all costs,...

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