Anna Gray – Smaller at my 20th Reunion than in High School!

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I am a 40 year old, RN, mother of 2 little girls adopted from China. I have always struggled with weight or the idea of weight my entire life. I was never small as a child and always considered myself as “big boned”. When I got married 14 years ago I did as most do, become comfortable in life. I was in love and enjoyed being in love so much that I never once made a good food choice and endured horrible fast food eating habits. Next thing I...

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Mike & Kelley Ryan- Bankruptcy to Financial Freedom

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The funniest thing happened to me in 2008, we lost everything we owned. Well, that wasn’t really funny, but in hindsight, that year turned out to be something of a life changing time!  The market crash happened. Lehman Bros. went bankrupt and so did I. Hundreds of millions in real estate deals just went away. The funding was gone for all my clients projects and my own. In the midst of this, i was coming to terms with the reality that I was...

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Teri Schollenbarger – I Never Dreamed I Could Not Only Help Myself but Someone Else with their Fitness Journey…& Get Paid Doing It!!

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I initially became a Team Beachbody Coach to get a discount on the Shakeology orders my husband and I were doing every month. But after the first person noticed the results I was getting from the Beachbody workout program I was doing, I knew I had made the right decision.  That person consequently decided to purchase the program themselves as a result of my results! That was exciting and empowering to me, because though I’d never have...

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