Keep The Article Writing Operate Effective With These Suggestions

Posted on Dec 26, 2017 in Male | 0 comments

Plenty of begin-up business owners on the net are trying to figure out how they can place their enterprises to the next level. One method for you to work to boost your business’s user profile, would be to use some article marketing strategies. We emphasize some article writing ideas on this page, and tell you agen sbobet the best way to start using these ideas to your benefit. Get a blog writer from your vacation spot that you are...

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Robert Barry- I went from being known as “Fat Rob” to “Fit Rob”

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Age, Age 30-40, Before and After, Fitness Program, Gender, Health, Male, P90X, P90X2, Physical, Shakeology, Ultimate Reset | 2 comments

I have always been interested in health & fitness and have studied Shotokan Karate for over two decades. At the peak of my martial arts career I trained 5 days per week, weighed about 140 lbs, and had lots of energy. After completing an undergraduate degree in engineering I decided to continue my research and pursue graduate studies in engineering. Grad studies was challenging and necessitated working long hours and pulling occasional...

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Angie Smith- “BeachBody is Not Only Transforming My Life, But My Family’s as Well!”

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Age, Age 40-50, Before and After, Female, Gender, P90X, Physical, Shakeology | 0 comments

Prior to Beachbody, I was a mother of 3 that was frustrated with the condition my body was in after having kids. I was over 200 lbs at my biggest. Since Beachbody, I’m down to around 125 lbs and in a lot better shape. I’m now a mother of 4 and love working out. We eat healthier as a family now and our kids love shakeology. Plugging in to Beachbody has been great for transforming my health as well as our...

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Lara Curry- “Before P90X I Couldn’t Do a Single Push-Up, Now I Can Easily Bang out 20- on My Toes!!”

Posted on May 15, 2013 in Age, Age 20-30, Before and After, Female, Gender, Health, P90X, Physical, Shakeology, Transformation, TurboFire | 5 comments

Before I started on this journey to fitness, I felt trapped in my own obesity. I was so tired and sluggish and lazy. I ate horribly—pizza at least once (usually twice) a week, fast food fries, wine and beer… you name it. I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I lacked confidence, and was so embarrassed at the way I looked. But P90X® changed EVERYTHING! I chose P90X because I thought it had a good balance...

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Judd Welte- I Got Ripped with the Beast!

Posted on May 14, 2013 in Age, Age 30-40, Before and After, Body Beast, Gender, Male, Physical, Shakeology | 0 comments

Here is my Body Beast Transformation PART 1. This is day 1 all the way through day 270. 9 straight months of Body Beast. I wanted to follow the program and really see if I could gain muscle and size and did not want to stop at 170lbs at 90 days. Now I am entered in the Body Beast Classic June 18th in Las Vegas. Follow my journey and join my team of support and motivation to get great results. I have always been a hard gainer and this program...

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