Anna Gray – Smaller at my 20th Reunion than in High School!

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I am a 40 year old, RN, mother of 2 little girls adopted from China. I have always struggled with weight or the idea of weight my entire life. I was never small as a child and always considered myself as “big boned”. When I got married 14 years ago I did as most do, become comfortable in life. I was in love and enjoyed being in love so much that I never once made a good food choice and endured horrible fast food eating habits. Next thing I...

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Gina Wood- “I lost over 30 lbs and I feel Better than Ever!”

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I’m not sure if I ever shared my story with you. Everyone has a journey in life and mine happens to be with fitness. I have had a lot if people tell me that I have always been in great shape and my reply is always that I “hid” it well. Truth is I was heavy and ashamed of where I was headed. I had gained 85 pounds with my first pregnancy going from 115 to 200 pounds, second pregnancy I started at 125 and went again...

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Jade Nuyen- Size 8 to a Size 4

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  Before P90X, “the Outdoors” to me was the distance between my car and the entrance to a store. I lived a sedentary life and sweat was a four-letter word not to be spoken in respectable company. I had not exercised for over a decade. I didn’t remember the last time I felt glistening beads of perspiration on my face. I was okay with this lifestyle because I didn’t consider myself fat. After the birth of my third child, however, I...

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Anni Cotter – No More Cholesterol Medication for Me!

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Before: After: Hi!  My name is Anni. I am a 43 year old mom of 5 amazing kids ages 11-19 with my awesome hubby Tod, and a Speech Pathologist specializing with trach/vent patients. In high school & college, I was a competitive swimmer, and I like working out but… I’m one of those people with a short attention span for doing the same old routine. And after having kids, gained weight & felt frumpy & sluggish, & bought...

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Jason Mullins – I Lost Almost 100 lbs with P90X & P90X2

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  Being overweight most of my life it was very hard to understand how far i had let my self go! when i started to realize that i was not in good shape i did what most people do run to the gym and sign up for a membership. haveing no idea what to work on or what to do i quickly realized two things first that i needed help and guidance second that i was really in poor shape! after doing some research and talking to others i came across p90x...

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