Don Nolting- I Crushed Turbo Fire and lost 16.8″ Off my Waist!

Posted on May 14, 2013 in Age, Age 40-50, Before and After, Fitness Program, Gender, Health, Male, Male, P90X, Physical, Shakeology, TurboFire | 0 comments

  Here are my stats from this journey: Final stats: Weight Day 1: 300 Day 90: 247.8 BF % 34 30.8 Chest 51″ 46.7″ Waist 50.5″ 45″ Hips 46.8″ 42.7″ R Arm 17.3″ 16.5″ L Arm 17.8″ 16.5″ R Thigh 25.3″ 24.5″ L Thigh 24.8″ 24.5″ So that was a total of 52.2 pounds lost, 3.2% BF lost and ~16.8″ lost. Thanks to everyone in TV for helping me the last few weeks...

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Erin Beckham- I was Rockin my Bikini within 2 Months of Having My Baby!

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 in Age, Age 20-30, Before and After, Body Beast, Brazil Butt Lift, Female, Gender, Insanity, Insanity: The Asylum, P90X, Physical, Shakeology, Transformation | 1 comment

My journey with Beach Body started 3 years ago. I just had my second child and was no longer able to go to the gym. I watched the infomercial on TV many times and thought, “ya right those are not real results”. Until I ran into a long time friend Mike Ryan and he looked amazing. I ordered that day and started the p90x Challenge. It was one of the most challenging workouts I had ever done. But the results were AMAZING! I was rocking my...

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Sydney Goldberg- BeachBody Gave Me the Confidence to Pursue My Dream Career as a Personal Trainer!

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 in Age, Age 20-30, Before and After, Female, Gender, P90X, Physical, Shakeology, Transformation, TurboFire | 0 comments

  Before P90X I was 143lbs now after P90x & Turbo Fire I am now down over 20 lbs at 118 lbs. BeachBody and Team Victory have changed my life forever. I have never been as confident, secure, and valued myself/others this much before. The results I’ve seen-25lbs in 7 months are incredible and have even inspired me to become a successful personal trainer at one of the nation’s most prestigious clubs. Beachbody has inspired me...

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Elizabeth Rocha- Even After 4 Babies I Got the Flat Stomach I Thought I Would Never Have Again!

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 in Age, Age 30-40, Before and After, Female, Gender, Les Mills COMBAT, Physical, Shakeology, Transformation | 0 comments

there is no doubt that these last 90 days have changed me on SO many levels—I have regained so much confidence in my “old” self and can’t believe that making that ONE decision on Jan. 21st to “push play” for the next 90 days that I would get the results I only then imagined. After 4 babies I didn’t think it would be possible to ever have a “flat” stomach, sort of depressing, but I...

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Jessyka Verge- I went from a size 14 to a size 6!

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 in Age, Age 20-30, Before and After, Female, Gender, P90X, Physical, Shakeology, Transformation | 0 comments

People ask me why I am doing this and what motivates me, and I wanted to share this with all of you since I don’t think that I took the time to introduce myself when I was added to this all star team. I, like most of us, struggled with weight and being healthy for years! Nothing I tried worked long term until Beachbody. Last Feb I weighted right about 170lbs and was a size 14. Today I am 128lbs and a size 6. I took photos for...

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