Anni Cotter

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Hi!  My name is Anni. I am a 43 year old mom of 5 amazing kids ages 11-19 with my awesome hubby Tod, and a Speech Pathologist specializing with trach/vent patients.

In high school & college, I was a competitive swimmer, and I like working out but… I’m one of those people with a short attention span for doing the same old routine. And after having kids, gained weight & felt frumpy & sluggish, & bought clothes to cover up & hide the bulges & rolls of fat.

Then I found Team Victory and Beachbody. Chalene Johnson’s TurboJam brought out the kickboxer in me. Then I went for it with Shaun T’s INSANITY. In just two months, with INSANITY & Shakeology, I GOT ABS!! No more one-piece. Oh yeah, the bikini is back! Since then with the help of Team Victory, I’ve completed P90X, P90X One-on-One series, INSANITY The Asylum, Brazil Butt Lift, & P90X2, INSANITY The Asylum, BrazilButtLift, The Ultimate Reset, Tai Cheng, BodyBeast, & LesMillsCOMBAT!

Since joining Team Victory, I feel amazing! Like I can do anything!! I love shopping & trying on clothes because now, I don’t have to be self-conscious! I am so much healthier (cholesterol down 35 points -no medication for me thank you very much!) I have so much energy, the kids have to try & keep up with ME!

I LOVE being a Team Victory Beachbody Coach! I get to pay it forward every day!! And my Beachbody income has helped us make our car payments, pay for kids’ sports & activities fees, pay off debt, save for colleges & our retirement.

Join Team Victory in the Beachbody Challenge & get a spot in one of our exclusive Challenge Groups! …and get YOUR dream Beachbody!

“Become who you are.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche